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Robert T. Wilce Award

During the Northeast Algal Society’s annual spring meeting, NEAS offers a venue for professionals and undergraduate and graduate students alike to present their original research through poster or oral paper. From its beginnings in the society has provided strong support to its student members and participants. The Robert T. Wilce Graduate Paper Award recognizes the graduate student who presents the best paper among his or her peers.

The name of the award honors Robert T. Wilce, one of the founding members of NEAS, by NEAS for his dedication to the field of phycology in general and to NEAS in particular through research education and mentoring of students. Through his unremitting enthusiasm, a continuing commitment to algal research, (at 85 he is still professionally active and works in his lab most days), Robert Wilce has inspired many students to become phycologist. His own focus of research began with his PhD field studies of Labrador seaweeds as he collected from a small boat along the rugged Labrador coast. Later he studied and collected, first by dredging and later by diving in arctic environments from the north coast of Alaska to the northern arctic Canadian archipelago and Greenland, Europe and eastern North America. Always curious, enthusiastic and with a question for student presenters, it is fitting that the award for best graduate paper bear his name.



Robert T. Wilce Oral Paper Awardees

1990 Janet Kuebler, U Maine
1991 Julie Yates, Smith College (undergrad)
1992 Steve Wilhelm, U Western Ontario
1993 Y.H. Zhou, Natl Research Council
1994 Andrea Nerozzi, Brown University
1995 Douglas McNaught, U Maine
1996 Keith Josef, Syracuse University
1997 Todd Harper, U New Brunswick
1998 Douglas McNaught, U Maine
Todd Harper, U New Brunswick
1999 Robert Verb, Ohio University
2000 Lynn Berndt, U New Brunswick
2001 Penny Humby, U New Brunswick
2002 Collin Bates, U New Brunswick
2003 Brian Teasdale, U New Hampshire
2004 Andrew Bamburger, Great Lakes Inst Ecol Res
2005 Jeremy Hackett, University of Iowa
Priya Sampath-Wiley, U New Hampshire
2006 Hilary McManus, U Connecticut
2007 Jessica Muhlin, U Maine
2008 Natan Smucker, Ohio University
Yen-Chun Liu, Northeastern University
2009 Bridgette Clarkston, U New Brunswick

Robert T. Wilce Poster Awardees

1990 Josh Philibert, U Massachusetts
1991 Katherine Duff, Queen's University
1992 Kimberly Brown, Queen's University
1993 Kelly Murphy, U Western Ontario
Anne-Marie Lott, Conn. College (undergrad)
1994 Christopher Harley, Brown University
1995 Neil Rooney, U Western Ontario
1996 Susan Babuka, SUNY Binghamton
1997 Rui Li, U Maine
1998 Bradley Metz, Northeastern University
1999 Sean Grace, U Rhode Island
2000 Jen Dalen, U New Brunswick
2001 Xingye Yang, SUNY Syracuse
2002 Aaron Wallace, U New Hampshire
2003 Susan Clayden, U New Brunswick
2004 Karen Pelletreau, U Delaware
2005 Lisa Pickell, U Maine
2006 Daniel McDevit, U New Brunswick
2007 Malcom McFarland, U Rhode Island
2008 Jennifer Day, U New Hampshire
2009 Susan Clayden, U New Brunswick